The Festival of Dance in a More Colourful and International Presentation

With or without ECOC, Veszprém is already the city of dance and music. Naturally, we are going to fully exploit this: dance arts will receive a keyrole in our ECOC programme. One of our biggest stunts in this field is the further development of our already highly successful contemporary dancefestival.

For exactly twenty years, contemporary dance has been centre of attention every May in Veszprém: we organised the 20-year jubilee of The Festival of Dance in harmony with the ECOC bid, and in an international environment.  The jury of the festival of hither toun seen scale proudly included Jorma Uotinen, artistic director of the Finnish Kuopio Dance Festival, with whom we are planning to work together in the coming years. This collaboration opens many doors for us in the international dance scene.

We dream big in our ECOC programme. We intend to spread the festival out towhole Central Europe: we will organise international dance competitions, towhich fore ignjury members will be invited. To complement the programme, we are planning to organise dance and photographic art workshops and exhibitions, along with professional conferences, debates and talks.

Invited comprehensive art experimental projects will explore relations between digital instruments and live performances.

We would like to turn the city in toone huge, buzzing and lively dancefloor for the time of the festival in 2023, which is home to a wide array of performances and shows, independent of age or nationality.