Area of Veszprém Coach Station to be Revived as Touristic Reception Zone

The Haszkovó housing estate, the Castle District, and the area of the Coach Station – these are three parts of Veszprém which are intended to pay key roles in the ECOC bid, and which are central scenes in townspeople’s everyday lives. Sándor Finta, former Budapest Chief Urban Architect and  Paradigma Ariadné architect’s office have collaborated to produce a background study on the possible development of these areas in connection with the ECOC bid, with recommendations on how these spaces may be given new functions.

Among urban areas examined, the most conflict-ridden one is the one marked by the bounderies of the coach station, the market hall, and the former site of the furniture factory. At present this is the busiest part of town, with the possibly most burning traffic and parking problems. The study raises the issue how this area may be rethought and filled with new functions  – and indeed, how to reconnect it into the blood circulation of the city.

According to architects, the space could be utilised as a sort of reception zone, in line with its characteristics and location. The idea has been included in our bid, as well. We plan to transform the area of the coach station and the former area of the furniture factory into an ECOC information point. The antechamber to the ECOC programme would be placed here – both for tourists arriving to Veszprém and for interested locals. We would like to generate and shape a partly outdoor community space where it is good to be together, and easy to orientate; a space which is at the same time a reception area and meeting point as well as a centre for volunteers. Meanwhile, we would like to preserve the usual functions of the coach station and the market hall.