Introducing the jury of our branding competition

Seven designers have been invited to take part in the branding competition to create new visual identity for Veszprém-Balaton 2023 ECOC programme. We have introduced them through our social media in the last couple of days and now we would like you to meet the jury.


Gábor Gerhes  - the head of the jury, Munkácsy Award winner artist, university lecturer, and part of the MTA Szécheny Literature and Art Academy. 

He was teaching at MOME’s Media and Design courses between 2006–2015 and since 2010 he is a lecturer of the Photography faculty at the Budapest Metropolitan University. He used to be the deputy president of the Young Artist Studio and part of the Hungarian Photographer’s association and the Hungarian Artist Association’s intermedia faculty. 

More info about Gábor : / Video / Exhibition


Anna Farkas  – Ferenczy Noémi Award winner graphic designer

She has graduated as a graphic designer at the Hungarian University of Art. She has founded her own studio in 1999 where she specialises in branding, print and logo design. Her works have been published in the best of the Hungarian and international art publications. She often participate in graphic focused exhibitions and have won many awards like: Red Dot, TDC, Aranyrajzszög, A1 Design díj and ArtHungry.

More info about Anna: Portfolio / Facebook


Eszter Laki – Graphic designer, art director at NUR

She has graduated as a graphic designer at the Hungarian University of Art and have also studied typography at MOME. She has founded NUR where she has been working as an Art Director on many Hungarian and international clients for bars and restaurants. She is also known for her exceptional packaging designs for gin, beer, olive oil, cosmetics or even macaron brands. 

More info about Eszter:  Portfolio / BehanceFacebook


László Hegyeshalmi  – Artist, part of the Art Council of our ECOC 2023 programme and director of the House of Arts in Veszprém 

He has started his higher studies in 1976 ath the Teacher Academy in Szombathely then continued at the Hungarien University of Art then finally at the Eötvös Loránd  Science University he has finished his studies as a cultural manager. He has been part of the Young Artist Association between 1982–88  and since 1985 the Hungarian Artist Association.

Since 1988 he lives in Nagyvázsony and works as the head of the House of Art In Veszprém along with many side projects like: painting, graphics, book and poster designs and visual art. He also curates contemporary art exhibitions as well as working with visual pedagogy.

More info about Laszló:  Exhibition


Can Togay János – Balazs Béla Award winner Film director, Cultural diplomat, the Creative counsel of our ECOC 2023 programme.

He was born in Budapest but has lived in Germany and Finland. He has graduated as a film director from the Budapest Theatre and Film Academy as Zoltán Fábri’s student. He has been acting in several movies as well as directing and even writing almost as many.

He has been the diector of the Collegium Hungaricum of Berlin between 2008-2014 and then became a professor of script writing at the Film University of Babelsberg. He is part of the Veszprém – Balaton 2023 ECOC programme since 2018 and now he is taking the role as the Creative counsel. 

More about Can:  IMDB

More info on the currently running branding competition in our previous article.