Building Cultural Communities Project Launched in Veszprém

The project gives an opportunity for young citizens to put their ideas in reality, and at the same time develop a mutual understanding of each other’s cultures and cultural heritage.

“It is not only a city and its buildings that we have to constuct, but also human communities” –  Mayor Gyula Porga stressed at the opening event of the project Reveal YouropEaN Cultural Heritage. This sentence could easily pass as a slogan for international cultural partnership, as this programme does not only work to strenghten local communities, but it could also promote Veszprém’s participation in a European community, by virtue of the fact that it is based on the participation of five partner cities. As decided by the European Parliament, this year’s focus is the role of cultural heritage in the promotion of a European identity. It is under these considerations that the project named Reveal YouropEaN Cultural Heritage (ENriCH), Europe for Citizens has been launched, the main aim of which is to explore and preserve local cultural heritage of European significance, while disseminating knowledge about the European Union. In his opening address, Mayor Gyula Porga spoke about the importance of living the rich cultural heritage left behind by our ancestors to make our cities liveable and indeed breathe new life into Veszprém and all the partner cities involved.

The ENriCh project primarily draws young people in the execution of the programme. In the course of an eighteen-month cooperation,  local decisionmakers and above all, young citizens will jointly embark on an in-depth exploration and interpretation of the phrase ‘European cultural heritage’ at international events of various topic focuses.

Beside the official programme points, these events will also feature informal discussions, which is arguably far more beneficial for the successful completion of the project.

Participants of the project are encouraged to think and make recommendations together to the project partners; this will in turn strengthen links and ties between the cities and make cultural life richer and more vibrant.

Zoltán Mészáros, Head of Programme for the European Capital of Culture 2023 bid and Director of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Plc introduced the guests of the opening event to Veszprém’s rich cultural life and briefly discussed the European Capital of Culture bid. In the following, the partner cities had the opportunity to present themselves.

(, Photo by: Bálint Kovács)