Dear Citizens! Dear Friends of Veszprém!

The three-years long hard, devoted and creative work fructified on 14thof December, 2018. Withthe title of EuropeanCapital of Culture 2023, we got the chance and the support to bring Veszprém’s dream come true. Our ideas and suggestions were presented to the independent, international jury who found Veszprém ’s application to be the most appropriate to present Europe’s cultural diversity.

We put great emphasis on the cooperation and collaboration in the application. More than 200 settlements from the Balaton and Bakonyregion have been working together on the execution of the ECoC 2023 initiative. Our application – as it is referred in our slogan “Beyond”– goes beyond our limits, our geographical boundaries, and builds on the strong cooperation between local governments, businesses, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

The moments following the announcement were filled with joy and happiness as in this tense competition we came before two well-developed Hungarian cities, Debrecen and Győr whose submitted proposals were strong and well-prepared.

Our second thought was definitely to say thanks. This great achievement is a result of a strong cooperation. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped and supported our application. Special thanksto the local governments, mayors, civil organizations and entrepreneurs who have helped us to succeedthrough collaboration and support. This title is not only Veszprém’s success but the Balaton and Bakony region’s as well.

The hard work beginsjust right now as uniquely in 2023 only one city is entitled to be the European Capital of Culture. That means that we, the citizens of Veszprém are expected to represent also the Hungarian culture in Europe which is a great responsibility.

I believe if we continue the work with the same unity, trust and enthusiasm what we had during the application process, the execution will surely succeed.


Yours Sincerely,

Gyula Porga

Mayor of Veszprém