European Cultural Tandem experiences

A European Cultural Foundation has organised a Cultural Tandem programme in which three professionals have been selected from Veszprém. The first meeting took place in Fiume with a three day workshop where all attendees found their partners to create their own project. 

Viktória Szántó  –  Dramaturge of Kabóca Bábszínház

My partner in this programme was Leonie Dijkema the dutch actress, director as well as the organiser of the Fries Straat Festival. Our planned cooperation will provide the opportunity to develop professionally. She is planning to fill the festivals new venue with connecting shows and we would like to move the Kabóciádé Family Festival to a European stage. Through the tandem programme we will get to know new artists shows. I am looking forward to figure out how we can connect to the European cultural circles.


Leeuwarden 2018. 



TAMÁS BUVÁRI  – Director and producer of SzeretFilm Studio

Though this programme we have contacted many European cultural professionals and organisation. Finally we have teamed up withGiovanni Zazzera- dancer, choreographer from the LUCODA artist group. The Luxembourg Collective of Dance organises and connects the dance, performance and choreographers of Luxembourg. Their aim is to create a strong dance community and to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to arts. The group is an important partner of the Esch-sur-Alzette 2022 programme.

We have a lot in common with Giovanni and we will create or tandem programme by November after getting to know each-other’s work, home and practice. We are panning to connect on may channels in the two ECOC city and region like, workshops, social innovation, and community learning, development programs for the disadvantaged communities. We are hoping to bring in barn theatres integrating the young and the elderly at the same time. We will encourage dance, art collaborations and we would like to document our partnership with documentary movie aiming to leave a legacy after the ECOC programme is finished.

Esch-sur-Alzette 2022


TAMÁS PÉTERVÁRY  – Archaeologist at the Laczkó Dezső Museum

I am Tamás Péterváry, an archaeologist at the Laczkó Dezső Museum (LDM) in Veszprém. At Rijeka, I was lucky to conceptualise a project with Arda van Tiggelen of the VHDG team of contemporary artists based in the Netherlands. The aim of our collaboration is to create an artistic representation of our community-based landscape research to be carried out within the wider region of Veszprém. I am looking forward to integrate their innovative vision to our research. Welcome to Veszprem VHDG! 


Leeuwarden 2018.