We are looking for… – open call

We are looking for an adventurous, culturally embedded pub/restaurant-owner, who wants to be part of Veszprém’s greatest adventure and who is prepared to expend his time on working up and operation of one of the most important scenes of the Veszprém 2023 project.


What we offer: 120 sqm of empty property in downtown of Veszprém, filling it with programmes, long-term cooperation, reduced payment conditions, a lifetime experience.

Some thoughts about how to get to the opening in September:

  • apply by filling a short form in,
  • catch up with us by phone (+36 20 938 0411) and / or personally and check the place what we are talking about,
  • after the personal meetings we would like to select the applicants who we share professional concepts the most with,
  • after all, if you still like the idea of ​​a collaboration, send us your business plan, operation concept, interior and design ideas, and help us to understand your motivation.

In the end of this process we will disclose the identity of the person whom we will stand and work shoulder to shoulder for at least 5 years. 🙂