New brand identity

The key concept of the ECoC 2023 Veszprém application is collaboration, which manifests itself in a joint proposal of Veszprém and the Balaton region. On 4 October, a press conference was organised to give an update on the preparation and also to present the new brand identity of the ECoC 2023 Veszprém.

Three Veszprém-based graphic studios were invited to design the logo and the brand identity of the Veszprém 2023 application. Their task was to come up with a logo that expresses the variety of the region and also communicates the following: “steps and corners”, “water and wind” as well as “game and inspiration”.

The applications of the pre-selected six proposals, including their visual background and concept, were reviewed by a professional jury of 11 experts from various fields. The winner was Gábor Gerhes, Munkácsy Prize-winning designer.

The logo focuses not only on Veszprém but also on the cooperation between the regions of the Bakony-Balaton area and seeks to communicate the positive contents of the project. The unique cultural and geographical diversity of the region and their interaction are symbolized by the wave motif emerging as the main element in the logo. The wave refers not only to the water of the Lake Balaton and to the Bakony Mountains, but also to the way they affect and melt into each other in a geographic and cultural sense.

Anna Jokesz animation designer was the idea owner of the graphic element of the image concept.

Highlights of the concept.:

interlacement – interaction – harmony – playfulness – “Landscape growing out from the water”.

Following primarily the concept of playfulness, the typographical solution of the logo refers to the whole picture (Veszprém) coming together from the pieces (letters), as a symbol of cooperation. The project’s website was designed by Bemind Kft.