These are the successful applicants! – Tandem Cultural Capitals 2019

The open call of Tandem Cultural Capitals 2019 had been closed and the three applicants were chosen to participate in Tandem cultural collaboration programmes.

According to the collective decision of European Cultural Foundation and Veszprém 2023 these creative professionals’ application were considered the bests:


Viktória Szántó, Kabóca Puppet Theatre

“An international scholarship program is always a good occasion to sum up a little and hopefully later gaining new wings to fly. The opportunity which comes with this long working process, in which there is the chance to think together with other creative professionals about a fantastic artistic project is a true inspiration. I hope to pick up an approach which will help me to participate successfully in this project and it will help me to look at my everyday job from a broader perspective. “


Tamás Buvári, SzeretFilm Stúdió Egyesület

“Our mission is to create and to teach creating film, theater and dance artworks. We work with professional artists. We focus on local stories, wich are original, and could be understood all over the world. We do this mission with the definite plan: we want to involve into these projects the young people, who are looking for something meaningful in their lives. Also we involve older people, who do not want to be excluded form the society, and who would like to give their expiriences into these contemporary art projects. When professional artists and civils work together, there is a lot to learn from another. By these projects there is always something new and experimental product born. We have experiences working with this method. That is why we would like to cooperate with european cultural cities in our new project, Leaving Homeland.”


Tamás Péterváry, Laczkó Dezső Museum

“In this program I represent the innovative and energetic team of Laczkó Dezsô Museum. My aim is to invite European partners to collaborate on the methodological aspects of developing community-based research and fieldwork practices. It is my belief that the upcoming international connections will help to enhance the social embeddedness of our institution and will gain more recognition for Veszprém and its region.”


We appreciate the work of all the applicants. Keep up your courage! We are desperate to support your cultural work with new opportunities, open calls in the upcoming years.


– team of Veszprém 2023