The ECC 2023 Veszprém application’s key concept is collaboration, which appears not only in the joint proposal of Veszprém and the Balaton region, but also in the fact that local professionals, citizens, entrepreneurs and business organisations, as well as students have the opportunity to contribute to the preparation phase. There are various forums offered where stakeholders can provide input and give feedback on what can or need to be done to create happier and better living conditions in Veszprém and in the region.

Survey – phase I

In addition to the professional discussions and workshops, surveys dedicated to the ECC 2023 Veszprém application were created to collect ideas and feedback from local inhabitants. Between May and July 2017, over 1300 answers were collected. For a better understanding of the needs, two different surveys were developed: one targeted the local adults and the second one focused on the young generation.

Survey targeting adults

  • Nearly 1000 people filled out the survey between May and June 2017;
  • over 75% of the responders have heard that Veszprém is submitting its application for the ECC 2023;
  • over 90% feel happy and joyful about the application;
  • 60% believes that it is a good chance that Veszprém will be designated for this prestigious title.
  • The most beloved settlements in the region are Balatonfüred, Balatonalmádi, Tihany, Csopak, Káli-medence, Alsóörs.

80% of the responders have secondary or higher education background, and nearly 60% of them are women.
The survey is now closed, but the Hungarian version can be viewed here.

Survey targeting young generations

Today’s youth will be adults in 2030. It is a key to success to find out what their core values are and what kind of city they would like to live in. This survey aimed to find out the feelings, ideas and proposals of the 13-23 year old students, and to utilise and incorporate their input in the proposal.

  • 300 students filled out the online survey between June 10 and July 26;
  • over 90% of the responders live in Veszprém permanently or go there on a regular basis;
  • 90% currently attend a secondary or higher education institution;
  • 75% think it is good to live in Veszprém;
  • and more than one third is convinced they will stay in Veszprém as adults.

This survey is also in Hungarian and can be viewed here.

Both surveys had open questions to collect information about the strengths and weaknesses of Veszprém and its region, and also to discover the opportunities and its potential threats in the future.

Survey – Phase II

As the second phase of the survey research, a KRAFT research started in Veszprém in August 2017. KRAFT stands for Creatives Cities and Sustainable Regions and states that successful developments and investments depend on the collaboration of the local economic and social stakeholders.
The KRAFT interviewers will ask 1000 residents in Veszprém during the autumn. It is a representative survey, and some of the learnings and results will be incorporated in Veszprém’s ECC proposal. The survey is led by Pannon University in Veszprém.