Taste the World: International Flavours  and Cultural Encounters in Veszprém

“Taste the World” is an event jointly organised by the University of
Pannonia’s Faculty of Economics and Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Plc:
international students present their cultures through the cuisines and
foods of their native lands and short informative talks held on the

Guests to the programme have the opportunity to taste Russian,
Kazakh, Cambodian, Mongolian, African, Bangladeshi, Korean, Indian,
and Hungarian dishes. The event is part of the University’s
International Week.
As candidate to the European Capital of Culture title, Veszprém
considers it especially important to present to the general public the
town’s international student life. Closer and deeper knowledge of
various national cultures is an important point for encounters between
“We are really looking forward to how the international students are
going to introduce themselves – they can finally wear their national
costumes and talk about the world they have temporarily left behind to
be able to get to know us,” – said dr. Edit Kővári, International
Communication lecturer of the University, and chief organiser of the
programme. “All students’ suitcases will contain their favourite
spices to help them conjure up tastes of family foods or follow
cooking habits of their closer communities. When a special dish or
drink is served at the table, it is like leafing through the family
photo album. I cannot decide what gives a more wonderful experience:
smelling the exotic aromas of the spices or looking at the radiantly
proud faces and watching how international students will eventually
exchange flavours.”

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Pannonia has been
organising International Week every autumn for several years now: its
aim is to create the spacial atmosphere for students that evokes the
genuine spirit of internationality and encourage students to be part
of a wider world, leaving behind everyday routine. During
International Week all classes are held in foreign languages;
presenters are invited from abroad and their ranks are joined by
business partners who can bring with themseleves an impression of the
intercultural atmospheres of multinational companies. Students are
encouraged to use their university years to travel and visit other
tertiary education institutions or take on jobs while at university,
because these will work to boost their self-confidence. One of the
most popular programmes of International Week is by now almost
traditional at the Faculty. A special feature of “Taste the World” is
that this time it is not experienced chefs that cook exotic dishes,
but it is students who show each other their home country’s flavours.