Veszprém Won a Gold Medal at the Entente Florale Europe 

Veszprém has won a Gold Medal at the Entente Florale Europe competition for City Horticulture. Our town also holds the President’s Award for the Restoration of a Public Open Space 2018 for the project of Cloisters and Gardens, an area below the castle.

On return from Ireland, the awards ceremony of the competition, Mayor Gyula Porga declared to the Press: this great success cannot be claimed by any single individual but is a reflection of the strength of Veszprém’s community.  “Early on, when we were preparing for the national Hungarian round we could see that participation was strong by civil organisations, institutions, and private businesses, and this in turn manifested itself clearly in the international round, which eventually resulted in our win of the Gold Medal.

The main evaluation factor for the jury was not in fact the number of flowers planted, but the overall strategy of the city with respect to its public spaces and parks. An additional point was how the people of the city and business ventures engage themselves for this cause: how the philosophy appears in private gardens and industrial areas.”

“The quality of public spaces and the looks of private gardens reflect back on the citizens of Veszprém: it shows that they are highly demanding about the appearance of the town, and the Municipality tries to live up to these expectations” – the city’s leader added.

Fourteen settlements (towns as well as villages) from eight countries represented themselves at the European competition; the Hungarian village of Lajoskomárom finished with a Silver Medal.

(, Photo by: Béla Baumann)