How would Veszprém’s secondary grammar school students develop the city?
The latest guests of Méz Rádió’s Veszprém-Balaton 2023 magazine programme were students of Veszprém’s Lovassy secondary grammar school, who were asked in the wake of their successful “Common Touch” record break on 1st December: if they were mayor, what would be their first three measures taken?

Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Plc, Méz Rádió, and Lovassy Secondary Grammar School all came to be record breakers  on 1st December, after 180 participants pressed their palms dipped in colour paint at the same time onto the #Veszprém2023 caption at the country’s best secondary grammar school. We owe the idea to Dávid Szekeres, MÉZ rádió’s presenter.

Shortly after the record break, Veszprém-Balaton 2023 magazine programme’s main question was what measures Lovassy students would take to develop the city. Their answers pretty much tallied with Dávid’s: the renovation of the twenty-storey building, the improvement of traffic conditions, and the organisation of many more weekend programmes topped the list.

Young people said city traffic could be given a boost with more frequently running and nighttime local buses, the correction of road surface problems, and sports facilities developments: in their answers they mentioned the renovation of the stadium, and the construction of sports halls or a swimming pool. Part of the students consider Veszprém’s nightlife ideal; others say this could be further improved if there were more small restaurants in the town. Together with the school’s principal, students also think that the renovation of several downtown buildings (among them the 20-storey one) would also be needed.

It is, however, not only the record break that Lovassy Secondary Grammar School may be proud of now: as several news portals have reported lately, the institution has won the title of best secondary grammar school in Hungary. How was this result achieved? “Worki done together: students and staff tolerate each other, and the city keeps supporting us – these are all contributing factors,” – said school principal Zoltán Schulcz in the programme. “The  school’s success is partly due to the fact that we aim to educate students in a complex way. One aspect of this is that we also have a vibrant art as well as sports scene at the school. We hope students will show this up outside our institution, too,”– he added.


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